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    Roccat's new Kone XTD and Lua mice hands-on

    Roccat's new Kone XTD and Lua mice hands-on


    Roccat is showing off its two new mice here at E3: the ambidextrous Lua, and its new high-end gaming option the Kone XTD.

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    Roccat introduced the mid-size Savu gaming mouse in February, and here at E3 the company is showing off two new mice that bookend the Savu in the product line-up. The Kone XTD is the successor to the Kone [+] gaming mouse, and features an 8200 DPI laser sensor, Omron switches, 12 buttons, and an upgrade to a braided cable. Twin LED stripes frame the mouse with a choice of four different colors, and Roccat's profile management tool lets users set up different button configurations (three different profiles can be directly linked to specific apps, automatically activating when you launch a linked application). The mouse also uses Roccat's new click-and-scroll "R.A.D." rewards system first introduced with the Savu. As for the experience of using the mouse itself, it feels nicely weighted in the hand and the buttons are as clicky and responsive as you'd expect. The matte finish also contrasts nicely with the LED ornamentation — and prevents the overall design from getting too garish. The XTD will be launching in October for €89.99, and while US prices haven't yet been determined, Roccat expects it to launch for around $90.

    The Lua is a smaller, stripped-down device by comparison, with just four buttons, a 2000 DPI optical sensor, and Roccat's logo emblazoned on the back of the device with a blue LED backlight. Like the XTD, the DPI is adjustable, from 250 all the way up to 2000 DPI. The Lua is a markedly smaller device than its Roccat kin, and is actually designed to be equally at home with the right- or left-handed. While it felt a touch too small for our tastes, the Lua will no doubt be a welcome option for those who prefer a smaller mouse. The Lua will be available in July for €39.99 with a comparable US price.

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