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    Nike updates SportsWatch to track Fuel points, rest of Nike+ lineup follows

    Nike updates SportsWatch to track Fuel points, rest of Nike+ lineup follows


    Nike has updated its Nike+ SportWatch GPS with the ability to measure Fuel points, and is expanding the capabilities to its entire Nike+ line.

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    Nike has unveiled new color options, features, and pricing for its SportWatch GPS model today. The new model will arrive with Fuel measurement built-in, but current users will be able to update their watch's firmware to support Fuel. Introduced with the Nike+ FuelBand, Fuel is an exercise metric developed by Nike that isn't tied to the traditional 'calories burned' measurement. It's supposed to make exercise more accessible, and Nike has dedicated apps and a website which lets you track your progress, compete with friends, and set personal goals.

    We've also noticed on the Nike+ website that Nike is updating its entire Nike+ line to support Fuel points. The company had previously confirmed that it intended to enable Fuel points across more products. Nike envisions you owning a plethora of Nike+ gear and still recommends only the FuelBand for all-day tracking, suggesting that the other options are only useful for tracking runs or workouts. When at home, you'll be able to workout using the newly-announced Nike+ Kinect training app for the Xbox 360 — it's clear Nike wants to be at the center of your exercise regime.

    US pricing for the updated SportWatch range is currently unavailable, but the Nike+ SportWatch GPS is available in Europe at €149 for the base Black / Blue model. There is also a range of other color options available at €169 which all come bundled with a Nike+ sensor.