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RIM discontinues 16GB PlayBook, still 'committed to the tablet space'

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RIM has said that it is discontinuing its 16GB PlayBook and will be continuing to sell only the 32GB and 64GB versions.

PlayBook 2.0
PlayBook 2.0

RIM's beleaguered PlayBook line is being pared down. The company has confirmed that it's canceled the 16GB PlayBook and will be moving forward with only the 32GB and 64GB models. While there are still some of the smaller tablets left in stores, RIM's current inventory is the last we'll see of them. Despite this, RIM says it's still "committed to the tablet space" but believes the higher-capacity models offer "more value for our customers." In many ways, it makes sense to bump up media tablet storage, and RIM's not the first company to cut out its lower-end devices. It's also rumored that RIM sees a significantly lower profit margin from the 16GB version, so this could be part of general cost-cutting measures as it moves into what it hopes will be a more profitable era. As for the remaining stock, we wonder how much of it will end up distributed for free to developers or Enterprise users.