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Watch this in 1080p: the Asus Computex 2012 keynote

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The Asus keynote for Computex 2012 has been posted online, giving you a chance to relive Jonney Shih's presentation of the Taichi and Asus'

jonney shih, asus
jonney shih, asus

Computex might not be a trade show quite on par with January's gargantuan CES, but for the Taiwanese companies exhibiting their latest wares, it's arguably the most important week on the calendar. Asus didn't disappoint this year, bringing out a wide range of innovative new designs, highlighted by the eyebrow-raising Taichi, a dual-screened Windows 8 laptop that can also serve as a tablet. In the words of the always entertaining Jonney Shih, "the ultimate transformation is no transformation" at all. You'll find more such gems of wisdom from the Asus Chairman below, along with the first sightings of the company's Transformer AiO and Tablet 600.