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iPhone 4 and 4S coming to Virgin Mobile on June 29th starting at $549

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Sprint's Virgin Mobile will begin selling prepaid versions of the iPhone 4 and 4S on June 29th for $549 and $649, respectively.

Virgin Mobile iPhone
Virgin Mobile iPhone

As reported earlier this week, Virgin Mobile will begin selling the iPhone as a prepaid device — and the Sprint division has just announced that it'll happen on Friday, June 29th (a week later than Cricket, which kicks off on June 22nd). The 8GB iPhone 4 will be available for $549 and the 16GB 4S for $649, contract-free, with no activation fees. Three plans will be available at $35, $45, and $55, ranging from 300 to unlimited voice minutes, unlimited messaging, and "fair use" data of 2.5GB per month (you can save $5 on each plan by signing up for automatic payments). You'll also be able to tack on tethering for an additional $15 per month.