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Matthew Modine of 'Full Metal Jacket' and Josh Gad from 'Book of Mormon' cast in 'jOBS' with Ashton Kutcher

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Matthew Modine and Josh Gad have been cast as John Sculley and Steve Wozniak respectively in 'jOBS,' which stars Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs.

Modine Sculley Apple
Modine Sculley Apple

As the Ashton Kutcher film jOBS prepares to start filming, we're seeing some more information about the other actors. Entertainment Weekly has reported that Matthew Modine, best known as Private Joker in Full Metal Jacket, will be taking the role of John Sculley, the one-time Apple CEO who clashed with Steve Jobs and was eventually replaced by him as company head. Modine looks appropriately craggy for Sculley, who's shown above in the early 1990s. Broadway's Josh Gad, meanwhile, will be taking the role of Steve Wozniak. Gad, also a solid fit visually, was most recently in the Broadway production Book of Mormon, and he's previously showed up as a correspondent on The Daily Show. The confusingly-capitalized jOBS is expected to be released this fall, well ahead of Aaron Sorkin's separate Jobs biopic.