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Netgear NeoTV Pro brings WiDi and apps to any TV for $69.99

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NetGear just released its NeoTV Pro, or NTV200S, which combines WiDi connectivity with support for a slew of online content, like Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora.

NetGear NeoTV Pro
NetGear NeoTV Pro

Netgear has just released the NTV200S NeoTV Pro, a combination media streaming box and WiDi receiver. Netgear has been selling individual streaming boxes like the NeoTV 200 and Push2TV WiDi adapters for quite some time now, but the NeoTV Pro is the company's first to combine the two.

On the media streaming side, the NeoTV Pro uses either its 802.11n Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity to stream content in 1080p from the usual collection of internet media outlets, like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, YouTube, and Pandora, among others. Customers with WiDi compatible laptops — or ones with compatible USB adapters — can mirror their screen to the television, enabling even more local and streaming content. Interestingly, Netgear is touting the ability to stream the Olympic games to its new NeoTV Pro, not through a built-in channel, mind you, but rather by pushing the video from NBC's website to the TV over WiDi. Considering the growing number of laptops with WiDi capability out of the box, Netgear's addition could be a compelling add-in for anyone cross-shopping set-top boxes. It's available now for $69.99.