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Placeholder image hints at Metro style Hotmail redesign

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A placeholder image in a Microsoft login screen suggests that a new look for Hotmail could be on the way.

LiveSide Metro style Hotmail
LiveSide Metro style Hotmail

With Windows 8 many aspects of the Microsoft experience are getting a Metro style makeover, and it looks like that might just include Hotmail as well. LiveSide has posted an image of a new Microsoft account login screen, which shows what could be a new look for the company's email service. It's hard to gather much from the tiny screenshot, but it does show what appears to be a more streamlined interface that looks quite a bit different than the current Hotmail and more akin to the Windows 8 mail app. Of course, this could just be a placeholder image, so we don't for sure whether it's representative of the next big Hotmail redesign — we'll have to wait until it eventually launches to know one way or the other.