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Complimentary airport iPads help you kill time while waiting for your flight

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An airport restaurant company is rolling out a new service that will let passengers play around with free iPads while they're waiting for a flight.

airport ipads
airport ipads

The next time you're waiting for a plane in New York, Toronto, or Minneapolis, you might just be able to play around with a complimentary iPad to pass the time. OTG Management — which currently operates around 150 restaurants in nine different airports — will soon be rolling out a new service that lets passengers browse the web, play games, and order food using iPads placed around the airport. The tablets will be locked down so that they don't go missing, and while the service is free, the company is hoping that it will help push travellers to eat at one of its many locations — in fact, in addition to waiting areas, the tablets will also be used inside of restaurants. The project is already being tested at both JFK and LaGuardia in New York, while the full rollout in all three cities is expected over the next year and a half. If all goes according to plan, OTG expects to be hitting additional airports later on, and believes it will need anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 iPads to support them all.