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PDP's Afterglow gaming headsets offer LED illumination, wireless audio for less than $100 (hands-on)

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At E3 2012, PDP introduced its first gaming headsets, the Afterglow series, which offers wired and wireless audio, LED illumination, and simulated surround sound for $89.95 and below.

Gallery Photo: PDP Afterglow gaming headsets preview
Gallery Photo: PDP Afterglow gaming headsets preview

Gaming headsets are all the rage at this year's E3, with Turtle Beach announcing new MLG branded models, Astro Gaming introducing its new A50 headset, and Sony showcasing the PlayStation Pulse Elite Edition. Now, PDP is throwing its hat into the ring with its first gaming headsets under its Afterglow brand. The Afterglow gaming headsets feature LED illuminated headbands and earcups and will come in both wired and wireless flavors, with support for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC connectivity. Both versions offer chat support via a retractable boom microphone and pack 50mm neodymium stereo drivers and have bass boost, flat, and simulated surround sound audio modes.

PDP is taking an aggressive approach to pricing, with the wired version to retail for $59.95 and the wireless model costing $89.95. Despite falling into the sub-$100 range, however, the Afterglow headsets offer a surprisingly high level of sound quality. We took the wireless version for a spin at E3 and were impressed by the Afterglow headsets' balanced tuning and bass response, as well as the quality of their simulated surround sound processing. Both versions of the Afterglow headset range are expected to ship in September.