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SoundHound updates iPhone and Android apps with redesigned interface, free streaming songs

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SoundHound has updated both its iOS and Android apps to version 5.0, adding a new interface and the ability to stream a free song.

SoundHound update
SoundHound update

Music recognition service SoundHound has just received a major update, bringing both the iOS and Android apps up to version 5.0. The biggest change to the Shazam-competitor is its redesigned look and feel, which includes bigger album art and artist photos, as well as an updated layout for the home screen. This lets you browse content by filters like most popular or most tweeted, and there's also a new free song stream where you can listen to a relatively recent single free of charge.

Currently Linkin Park's "Burn it Down" is the only track available, but the creators say that "new, fresh content will appear regularly." There's also a new SoundHound player, which you can use to play music already on your device, but with the added benefit of the service's LiveLyrics feature. Aside from the update, the company also announced a new milestone — 80 million users have now signed up for the service. You can grab the updated app now from both the App Store and Google Play.