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Algoriddim's vjay lets your iPad mix videos in real time for $9.99

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Algoriddim has released vjay, an iPad app that gives you a video mixing deck you can use to mash up any video and music in your iPad's local storage.

vj video dj
vj video dj

Algoriddim — best known for its DJ app, djay, has released vjay, an app for all those video jockeys out there looking to turn their ipad into a "mashup machine." Vjay will allow you to take any video or music content stored locally on your iPad to beat-match it and mash it together to create your artwork.

There are several easy-to-use features like automatic looping and tempo detection, but experienced video jockeys will appreciate the app's low latency and 2D scratch pads. These control surfaces can manipulate video effects and transitions in real time, in addition to offering precise audio control. Once you've stared putting your mix together, vjay outputs your creations through Apple's HDMI adapter, though pre-queuing can be done separately though the headphone jack using an optional cable. Vjay requires an iPad 2 or later, and is out now in the App Store for $9.99.