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Judge cancels Apple v. Motorola trial scheduled for next week (update)

Judge cancels Apple v. Motorola trial scheduled for next week (update)

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Bloomberg is reporting that Federal Judge Richard A. Posner has canceled the Apple v. Motorola Mobility patent infringement trial originally set to start on June 11. Judge Posner apparently issued this order during a pre-trial hearing today, so we don't yet have the written order in front of us. It's not unusual for trial dates to get shifted around, although this one was admittedly at the eleventh hour.

Update: We've now learned that Posner canceled the jury trial because the parties were unable to reconcile their damage reports, an issue he apparently found unacceptable. However, Apple argued that it's still entitled to a resolution on its request for an injunction against various Motorola devices and it appears the court will issue a hearing schedule this evening to address injunctive relief. While it's sounding like Apple will lose its chance at getting any money from Motorola, we're pretty sure its main goal has always been to get a ban on the allegedly infringing devices. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

Update: Well, a lot has changed since this news first started trickling in. We've now learned Judge Posner is dismissing the entire case with prejudice. We have all the details here.