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Evernote Food brings meal sharing to Android

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Evernote's digital food diary has finally landed on Android.

Evernote Food Android
Evernote Food Android

Last year Evernote launched two new apps for the iPhone and today Android users are finally caught up — first the introduction app Hello came to the platform, and now so has Evernote Food. The Android version appears to be largely the same as its iOS counterpart: you can use to to take pictures of meals, and then add captions, titles, tags, and location data via FourSquare. You can also share any of those meals with friends using Twitter or Facebook and add them to a searchable list for easy reference. While we're still not convinced that Food is the best option for keeping a digital meal diary — there's still no built-in calorie calculator, for instance — it has the potential to be a useful sharing tool for foodies. Android users can grab it now for free from Google Play.