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Apple to pay out $2.25M settlement in response to Australia '4G' iPad controversy

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Apple has agreed to pay the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission $2.25 million in a settlement related to the company's use of 4G when marketing its latest iPad.

iPad 4G Australia
iPad 4G Australia

It seems Australia officials didn't quite agree with Apple's revised definition of 4G. The company has agreed to pay a settlement totaling $2.25 million that will bring an end to the marketing controversy which followed the launch of its latest iPad. Australia's Competition and Consumer Commission brought charges against Apple almost immediately after the device reached shelves in March, claiming that the product's 4G branding was misleading to consumers since the iPad does not support LTE connectivity inside the country.

It's an issue that came up across numerous regions throughout the world, and Apple eventually altered its marketing to lessen the confusion. It also offered refunds to unhappy customers in Australia. Despite that effort, the ACCC and Apple were reportedly at an impasse back in April, but clearly progress has been made in the weeks since. The company's lawyers will also have to repay $300,000 to cover the watchdog group's court expenses.