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Dropbox app for Android updated with streaming video support

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Dropbox has updated its Android app to version 2.1.4 giving users video streaming capabilities and Korean language support.

dropbox mobile
dropbox mobile

Dropbox released its 2.1.4 update for Android 4.0 yesterday, bringing with it video streaming and Korean language support. Streaming a video is simple in execution — you just select one within Dropbox and it will begin playing rather than presenting a download prompt. During our brief tests, the video streaming capability supported a variety of file formats, including MP4, M4V, and MKV, and users can still download files by tapping "Export" and then "Save to SD card." For those lucky Galaxy S III users that get 48GB of extra Dropbox space, or even HTC One users that get a 23GB bonus, this update offers a good alternative to storing relatively large video files locally.