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Google allegedly working on Wallet 2.0, but Sprint wants its own mobile payment system

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Google will reportedly be putting an emphasis on cloud-based services with Wallet 2.0, but Sprint is looking for greener pastures.

NFC Contactless Payments stock (1020)
NFC Contactless Payments stock (1020)

Despite being the only carrier to pre-load Google Wallet on its devices, Sprint is purportedly looking at offering its own mobile payment system. Sources have told NFC Times that Sprint is currently working with banks and service providers to help launch its "Touch" wallet as an alternative to Google's payment program, as well as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile's upcoming Isis system. Unlike with Google Wallet, Sprint's "Touch" will allow the carrier to have complete control over partners, security measures, API distribution, and development. Sprint is also said to have hired NFC software and systems provider Sequent Software in the process.

Meanwhile, Google is believed to be working on Wallet 2.0, which will put more emphasis on cloud-based payments, offers, and promotions than its current iteration. The recent acquisition of payment technology company TxVia should theoretically help Google push adoption but, without any carriers on board, the attempt may be in vain. Google I/O will be taking place later this month, where we will surely hear more about plans for Wallet — whether or not Sprint will still on board by that time remains to be seen.