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Motorola Dinara (Atrix 3?) for AT&T leaks out

Motorola Dinara (Atrix 3?) for AT&T leaks out


The Verge has received a photo of what might be AT&T's next Motorola smartphone, the Dinara, which could come to market as the Atrix 3.

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The Verge has been sent an alleged photo of AT&T's next Motorola smartphone codenamed "Dinara," a device that launched late last year in China and has been rumored for AT&T ever since. Featuring a 720p display and Android 4.0, it seems a fitting successor to the Atrix 2 — a surprisingly good phone (particularly at its $99 launch price) that was partially overshadowed by the launch of the iPhone 4S and AT&T's LTE network, both of which occurred around the same time. Whether the Dinara will be called the Atrix 3 or something else, we're not sure, but the July 26th date on the screen might provide a reasonable indication of when we could expect it on shelves.

It'll also have LTE (as all of AT&T's latest smartphones do), but don't expect Google's purchase of Moto to have an immediate effect on the software — it looks like we're still going to have a variation of Motoblur this time around.