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iOS 6 banners go up at Moscone ahead of Apple's WWDC next week

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iOS 6 banners have been erected inside San Francisco's Moscone Center, home of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference that kicks off next week.

iOS 6 banner
iOS 6 banner

9to5Mac has just published a shot of what appears to be an iOS 6 banner at San Francisco's Moscone Center, confirming what most of us could've guessed: that next week's Worldwide Developers Conference will be heavily focus on the iPhone and iPad's next-gen operating system. What will be revealed in iOS 6 remains to be seen, but Apple has been good about keeping the platform on a roughly annual cadence, so it makes sense that we'd get details on new features and capabilities at the show.

We'll be live from WWDC covering all the announcements — stay tuned for details.