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    Apple Campus 2 floor plans take you inside the 'spaceship'

    Apple Campus 2 floor plans take you inside the 'spaceship'


    New floor plans give a glimpse inside what Apple's proposed "spaceship" campus might look like.

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    We've already seen a number of renders of Apple Campus 2 — the company's proposed "spaceship" campus — that show what it will look like from the outside. But if you're curious about the inner workings of the massive building, Apple has submitted a series of floor plans to the city of Cupertino that give an inside look. The plans show the campus and its interior from multiple angles, and you can see everything from the where the campus' security line will be placed to just how many excerise rooms Apple plans on building (there's even a basketball court). Of particular interest, though, is what's going on beneath the surface — the campus will include a four level basement that features an auditorium and 4,300 parking spaces. The building has yet to be approved by the city, but if it does Apple is hoping to have it ready for some time in 2015.

    Apple Campus 2 floor plans