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TagTagCity lets tourists scan Brussels to learn about the city and get in on promotions

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Brussels has kicked off a new service for tourists, which adds codes to numerous locations around the city so people can learn more details and earn coins to get in on some deals.

Flickr Brussels
Flickr Brussels

The city of Brussels just got a little more interactive for tourists thanks to a new service called TagTagCity. The tourism initiative includes around 600 sites around the city — ranging from museums and famous monuments to stores and restaurants — that are equipped with codes that can be scanned to bring up the same kind of data you'd traditionally find in a guide book (in some cases there are even audio and video components).

You can either use your own smartphone or purchase a device called a Clickey if you don't have one, though this won't let you view data in real time — instead you can plug it in to your computer's USB port and then upload data of all of the places you've seen and scanned. There's also a bit of gamification to the service, as scanning locations will earn you "coins," which can then be put towards savings at participating stores and restaurants. TagTagCity launched today in Brussels, though it's unclear whether or not the company plans to expand to other cities in the future.