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OmniPlan for iPad now available for $49.99

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The OmniGroup has launched OmniPlan for iPad, a full-featured scheduling tool that was previously only available for OS X.

omniplan app
omniplan app

Back in 2010, The OmniGroup promised to bring five of its productivity apps to the iPad and, with the release of OmniPlan, the company has kept its word. Just like the OS X version of the app, OmniPlan for iPad features a visual timeline, syncing capabilities, and scheduling tools to help keep a project planner's mind at ease while away from their computer. OmniPlan can be downloaded for $49.99, and is joined by OmniOutliner, OmniFocus, OmniGraffle, and OmniGraphSketcher in Apple's App Store. Take a look at the following demonstration video to get a sense of how OmniPlan made the transition from desktop to tablet.