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Rumored firmware update details surface for Canon EOS 7D

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A firmware update for the Canon EOS 7D may be on the way, adding a host of new features to the DSLR.

Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 7D

Canon Rumors is reporting that a major firmware update for Canon's EOS 7D is on the way. According to the report, details for the update popped up briefly on a Canon site, and if true 7D owners will be getting a number new features for their trusty DSLRs. Version two of the firmware will reportedly increase the RAW burst to a maximum of 26 frames, let users both edit and convert RAW images in-camera, and add the option to resize JPEGs. Users can also expect support for the GP-E2 GPS unit, as well as a host of other tweaks including faster scrolling through magnified images and the ability to manually adjust audio while shooting video. Canon hasn't made the update official yet so we don't know when to expect it, but if it does come out it will help make an already great — and tough — camera even better.