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Good Deal: Amazon Kindle Fire for $169

Good Deal: Amazon Kindle Fire for $169


Amazon Local is offering a voucher today for $30 off of the Kindle Fire.

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The Kindle Fire is pretty affordable at its normal retail price of $199, but Amazon Local's deal today knocks $30 off of that price, bringing the total down to $169. That price point matches the Nook Color's normal MSRP (though Barnes & Noble is currently running a discount on that tablet, too), and it's also how much you'd usually pay for a refurbished Kindle Fire directly from Amazon. Here are the nitty-gritty details of the deal: you can pick up the discount voucher for free from Amazon Local today, and you'll have until June 15th to redeem it. Unfortunately, this is only valid in the United States, but it does come with a $5 Amazon Instant Video credit, too. If you're not quite sure whether you want to spring for Amazon's first entry into the tablet market, be sure to check our review.