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Why Phil Schiller could be key to Apple's ongoing success

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A new profile looks at one of the most important figures at Apple, senior vice president of product marketing Phil Schiller.

phil schiller
phil schiller

Since the passing of Steve Jobs, much of the focus has shifted to the company's new CEO Tim Cook. But as Bloomberg Businessweek points out in a new profile, Cook isn't the only Apple executive that will have a big impact on the company's future — Phil Schiller, senior vice president of product marketing, is in a similar position. His job title may suggest that his focus is advertising, but it appears as though he plays a much bigger role. According to the report, Schiller and Jobs had such similar views on the business that Schiller was often called Mini-Me internally, and he shoots down so many ideas that he's also referred to as Dr. No.

He's also a huge proponent of the Apple brand — he championed the iPad when the idea was new, came up with the click wheel iPod interface, and when Instagram launched on Android Schiller reportedly ditched the photo sharing app all together. And while Schiller has played supporting roles during Jobs' iconic keynote presentations, soon he may become a much more public face for the company, as Businessweek reports that he is "likely" to present much of the June 11th keynote for the Worldwide Developers Conference. Whether or not he'll be able to help maintain Apple's position remains to be seen, but if you want to learn more about Schiller be sure to check out the full story at the source link below.