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    Sony Internet Player listing hints at OnLive integration

    Sony Internet Player listing hints at OnLive integration


    The Sony Internet Player with Google TV is listed as being compatible with the OnLive controller, leading VentureBeat to surmise that the game streaming service will arrive pre-installed on the set-top box.

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    Sony's official spec sheet for its upcoming NSZ-GS7 with Google TV reveals that the set-top box is compatible with the OnLive Gaming Controller and USB dongle. Google previously announced that OnLive game streaming was coming to Google TV, but only the OnLive Viewer app (which lets you watch people playing games) has been released so far. Vizio demoed the full game-streaming app at Google I/O this week and will ship devices with the app in three to four weeks. VentureBeat says that Sony's spec sheet implies that "the device likely comes with OnLive preloaded." When we reviewed the device we found no such app, but there's always the possibility Sony hadn't loaded it yet.

    OnLive already has an app for game streaming via Android devices and has been attempting to offer a similar app to iOS users without success. We'll have to wait and see if the controller compatibility listing means anything, or if it's merely prep-work for the planned wide-release of the OnLive app. Sony's Internet Player with Google TV is available for pre-order at $199.99, and devices should start shipping around July 9th.