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Designer Dieter Rams' Braun watch returns after 30 years

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Originally created in 1978, Braun has brought back designer Dieter Rams' DW30 watch after a 30 year absence.

watch bn0076 braun
watch bn0076 braun

Throughout his career, award winning designer Dieter Rams created an extensive collection of products for Braun, including the DW30 watch. Showcasing Rams' "less, but better" theory of design, the timepiece became a collector's item as a result of a limited production of only 3,000 units in 1978. It has been 30 years since a DW30 was found in stores, and now Braun has brought back that clean design in the form of the BN0076. Featuring a black leather band, LED back-lit display, and a stainless steel case, the BN0076 can be ordered now for $250 or can be purchased through the MoMa Store in August.