Halogon: Polygon's Own Halo community and matchmaking thread! (UPDATED July 20, 2012)


Here is the main thread for the Polygon Halo community (we'll move into better digs later this year, I hope).

We have what is undoubtedly the biggest and best console multiplayer event of the year in Halo 4 coming November 6, 2012. In the meantime, we should use this thread to discuss the upcoming release, community matchmaking, etc. So we can get an idea as to what people have, plese list the Halo games you own, and we'll set up matchmaking playdates for the Halogon community.

Like Capture the Flag or Oddball? So do we! Enjoy racing in Forge World creations? You're not alone! Want to go head-to-head in BTB with the rest of the Halo playerbase? Halogon's got your back! Each week, a new Halogon multiplayer thread goes where we can discuss the upcoming game day or schedule other playdates apart from the main gathering. Hope to see you there!