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Watch this: an extended look at 'Looper's time travelling action

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The latest trailer for Looper provides an extended look at the world of time-travelling assassinations.


Life as a time-travelling assassin isn't so bad, but things get quite a bit harder when your victim is a future version of yourself. The latest trailer for Looper proves this with a good, lengthy look at what you can expect from the film — in fact, it might just be too long of a look, so if you live in fear of spoilers you may want to pass (there's always the teaser to get you excited). Time travel stories can be difficult to pull off well, and even though we have a hard time believing that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will one day look like Bruce Willis, Looper is definitely shaping up to be one of the few that gets it right. It's coming to US theaters on September 28th.