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Sony Tablet SGPT1211 arrives at FCC: an aluminum Tablet S successor?

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Sony seems to be prepping a successor to the Tablet S, and it's at least partly made of aluminum.

sony tab fcc sgpt1211
sony tab fcc sgpt1211

Last year's Sony Tablet S didn't truly really wow us with anything except its ultralight, folded-back-magazine of a frame, but it looks like the company might be building a sequel to the Honeycomb slate. That's because a device with the designation SGPT1211 just appeared in the FCC's database.

In fact, the FCC filing lists six devices in all, three headed to the United States and three for Canada, SGPT121, 122, and 123. If you'll recall, the original Tablet S was SGPT111, 112, and 113, which stood for 16GB of storage, 32GB, and 3G cellular connectivity respectively. As far as the new tablet is concerned, we don't have those specs quite yet, but there's plenty more to glean from a careful look at the chart. For instance, Sony specifies that the device will be made of AL5052, an aluminum-magnesium alloy, and have a sandblasted, anodized, and laser-printed finish when all is said and done. It sounds like the original lightweight plastic build is no more. Also, the FCC is testing the device for dual-band 2.4GHz / 5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, so you can probably expect that in the final build. We'll let you know more as we find out.