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Wacom's Cintiq LCD graphics tablets: a 24-inch multitouch flagship and 22-inch HD slate added to the roster

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Wacom is announcing two new Cintiq LCD graphics tablets. The $3,699 24HD Touch adds multitouch to a 1080p display.

wacom cintiq 24hd touch (official)
wacom cintiq 24hd touch (official)

If you’re serious about design, the idea of interacting more directly with your work has probably lead you to at least consider one of Wacom’s Cintiq graphics tablet / LCD display hybrids. Well, the company is releasing two HD tablets this summer, including a 24-inch, multitouch flagship model, that might have what you're looking for.

The 24HD Touch (above) adds multitouch control (video below) to last year’s pen-based 24-inch 1080p tablet, the 24HD. The company sees multitouch as a key feature for those in fields like 3D modeling — letting you to move an object around onscreen with one hand while you draw or sculpt with the other. Multitouch isn't the only addition, either. The new tablet can also support 30 bit color depth, for far more colors than the standard 24HD — 1.07 billion compared to a mere 16.77 million. Multitouch doesn’t come cheap, though. The 24HD Touch will retail for $3,699 ($1,100 more than the 24HD) when it hits stores in August.

If you’re looking for something a little more modest (but not too much more), Wacom has you covered with its new 22HD (above). For the comparatively low price of $1,999 you get essentially the same tablet (1080p resolution), sans multitouch, shrunk down to 22 inches, and on a less expensive, non-counterbalanced stand. What can we say, between these and the constant flow of lattes, being a creative doesn’t come cheap.