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Rogers to offer LTE to 60 percent of Canadian population by 2013

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Canadian carrier Rogers has laid out plans to expand its LTE service to 60 percent of the Canadian population by 2013.

Rogers MiFi
Rogers MiFi

To celebrate the anniversary of its launch of LTE back in 2011, Canadian carrier Rogers has detailed an aggressive expansion plan, aiming to bring the high-speed service to 60 percent of the Canadian population by the end of the year. The new rollout — a major increase on the carrier's current 35 percent coverage — will bring LTE to smaller cities such as Hamilton, Winnipeg, Quebec City and Waterloo, the location of ailing BlackBerry maker RIM's headquarters.

Rogers currently offers a fairly standard range of LTE devices, including flagship smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S III, the HTC One X and the Nokia Lumia 900, as well as an own-brand dongle and a MiFi mobile hotspot. The news of its LTE expansion yesterday coincided with a swathe of similar announcements from US carrier AT&T, which is rolling out the service to new cities in Texas, New York, North Carolina and elsewhere.