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Garmin introduces rugged Fenix GPS watch for 'outdoorsmen'

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The Fenix GPS watch is an all-round navigation tool targeted specifically at "outdoorsmen."

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Garmin Fenix watch
Garmin Fenix watch

GPS firm Garmin has introduced a new ruggedized watch designed to offer quick access to navigation tools while on the move. Dubbed "Fenix," the device incorporates Garmin's standard GPS technology, but also provides performance measurement tools for exercise, allowing users to track indicators such as pace time, distance and calories burned. Most importantly, the watch is designed for heavy outdoor use — in addition to the strengthened case, it's waterproof up to 50 meters and provides 50 hours of battery life in GPS mode.

The Fenix is slated for release this fall, with a recommended retail price of $399.99. It's not the first GPS watch that Garmin has produced, but it's clearly targeting a very specific market — the press release uses the word "outdoorsmen" at least three times. For less extreme users, a standalone GPS unit or the navigation features of a modern smartphone will likely suffice.