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TeleGeography's Submarine Cable Map reveals backhaul industry growth with infographics

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TeleGeography has published its 2012 Submarine Cable Map, revealing several interesting details about the undersea telecommunications industry and the undersea cables it leases to ISPs.

TeleGeography Graphic
TeleGeography Graphic

TeleGeography, a telecommunications market research and consulting firm, has published a webpage revealing several interesting details about how data travels under the oceans and around the world. At first glance, TeleGeography's 2012 Submarine Cable Map shows only the interconnections between "landing stations," where undersea cables meet the coast. However, at the top of the page there are links to additional graphics that explain, for example, the amount of bandwidth each continent is using or the rate of raw transmission capacity expansion since the turn of the century. If you've ever been curious about the seldom-covered undersea cable industry, TeleGeography's map has more than a few eye-pleasing charts and graphs for your perusal.