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Dish offering Roku boxes, statement credits to those unhappy with loss of AMC

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Dish is offering customers who are unhappy with the recent loss of AMC anything from statement credits to Roku boxes.

Breaking Bad Season 5
Breaking Bad Season 5

Breaking Bad fans who get their TV service from Dish don't have much to be happy about, considering they'll likely be unable to watch season 5 of the show when it premieres this Sunday night thanks to an ongoing feud between the satellite operator and AMC. Dish looks to be doing its best to keep its customers happy, however, and is offering small gifts to customers who call up and are disappointed with the situation. As Pocketables discovered, the operator is giving away anything from bill statement credits to Roku 2 XD boxes to those who are missing AMC, WE tv, and IFC — all of which got dropped on July 2nd. We reached out to Dish for official word on their policy, and were told that "On case-by-case basis, we do offer the Roku... [and] we do have other options available, if Roku does not make sense." Of course, the reasoning behind giving away the $79.99 Roku 2 XD is that it can easily access AMC's shows from Amazon Instant Video. Might not be as good as having Dish and AMC settle their differences, but it should help ease the pain and sate your Walter White fix. Full statement below:

We assess each customer case individually and are prepared to provide a variety of solutions depending on a customer’s situation. In many cases, we find that customers may already have access by other means to the content they would like to view. On case-by-case basis, we do offer the Roku, where it makes the most sense for a customer – that is, they should have a broadband connection and room for the solution. We do have other options available, if Roku does not make sense.

Thanks, John!