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Twitter for iOS and Android updated with content previews, individual notifications, and more

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Twitter has rolled out a new version of its iOS and Android apps, including a new interactive tweet view for easier access to linked media, and several usability tweaks that help make the app more competitive with some third-party clients.

Gallery Photo: Twitter 4.3 for iOS and 3.3 for Android images
Gallery Photo: Twitter 4.3 for iOS and 3.3 for Android images

Yesterday we heard rumors that a new version of Twitter for iOS was waiting in the wings, and sure enough the substantial update rolled out today — for both Apple's OS and Android. As expected, the update brings an assortment of new features, including content previews: basically, it will allow users to view linked images, videos, and other content inline from within a given tweet. Push notifications are being improved, with users able to receive notifications when any given individual the select posts to the service, and iOS users will now be able to receive status bar notifications when they're in the app itself. Event pages — one way Twitter is trying to leverage its promotional potential — are now accessible from the iOS client as well.

Several small-but-welcome enhancements are also included with the update, including the ability to jump to a user's profile by tapping their avatar, support for Twitter's personalized trends feature, and the use of the new Twitter icon. Auto-completion when searching has been improved, and the app now also features Hungarian language support. While a lot of the changes can be seen as Twitter's own client simply catching up to some of the popular third-party apps out there, the update is no doubt welcome — and may be crucial given the recent noise the company has made about outside developers using its APIs. Twitter will be rolling out the content preview implementation slowly on its side, but if you'd like to check out the new apps for yourself, they're available now on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.