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FTC is 'ratcheting up' efforts to stop illegal robocalls with October summit

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With a summit set to take place in October, the FTC is hoping to crack down on annoying and illegal robocalls.

Flickr rotary phone
Flickr rotary phone

Earlier this year the FCC announced new measures to help eradicate unwanted telemarketing calls, and now the FTC has announced its own plans for putting an end to illegal robocalls. Unfortunately, specific details haven't been revealed yet, but FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz says that "we're ratcheting up our efforts to stop this invasion of consumers' privacy." We may hear more concrete details later this year though, as the FTC will be hosting a summit on October 1st focused squarely on eliminating robocalls.

According to the commission, the summit will be a place to discuss "innovations that could potentially be used to trace robocalls, prevent wrongdoers from faking caller ID data, and stop illegal calls." For now, the FTC has launched a robocall information site, which includes video tips on how to respond to the calls — including simply hanging up and, of course, reporting the incident to the FTC.