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DARPA veteran Arati Prabhakar named as new director

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DARPA has hired Arati Prabhakar, a veteran of both the public and private sectors, as its new director.

Darpa Logo
Darpa Logo

This past March the director of DARPA, Regina Dugan, left the research agency to join the ranks of Google. Now DARPA has found Dugan's full-time replacement: Arati Prabhakar. It's not Prabhakar's first brush with the agency, having founded DARPA's Microelectronics Technology Office during a seven-year stint at DARPA before heading the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Since 2001, she has worked in the private sector, funding green technology initiatives and start-ups as part of US Venture Partners. Prabhakar is scheduled to start her tenure as DARPA director on July 30th.