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Verizon restores data usage widget in My Verizon Android app

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Verizon has restored a popular data usage widget to its Android app, adding support for its new "Share Everything" plans.

Verizon Wireless store (1020)
Verizon Wireless store (1020)

Verizon Wireless has re-implemented a widget for monitoring data usage in its My Verizon Android app, adding support for its new "Share Everything" plans, which allow customers to combine usage totals across a number of devices. Support for the widget was officially discontinued on June 25th, in anticipation of the plans' launch, but the feature returns in an update pushed to the Play Store yesterday.

Unlike the original widget, which updated automatically, the new implementation requires users to manually refresh to get their latest data totals. It is not clear whether this is a technical limitation of the shared data system, a choice to preserve battery life or simply a design decision on Verizon's part — comments in the Play Store tend towards the latter explanation, with some accusing the carrier of deliberately presenting out-of-date totals in an attempt to push customers over their monthly limits.