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Motorola confirms locked bootloader for Atrix HD on AT&T

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Motorola has confirmed that the just-announced Atrix HD on AT&T will feature a locked bootloader.

Atrix HD
Atrix HD

After a series of leaks, Motorola officially announced its Atrix HD smartphone yesterday, and today comes word that the device will be coming to AT&T with a locked bootloader. The news comes from Motorola Mobility's Twitter account, which explained that the locked bootloader was needed to "meet requirements." In a follow-up tweet, the company said that "our goal is still to provide a way to unlock the bootloaders on our devices to those who wish to do so, more details to come." The news will be disappointing to those looking to root or customize their device, though hopefully Motorola's solution will be revealed soon. The Atrix HD is coming to AT&T customers in the US on July 15th.