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I'm Watch finally shipping this week

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After several delays, the I'm Watch smartwatch will finally be shipping to customers this week.

Gallery Photo: I'm Watch hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: I'm Watch hands-on pictures

We managed to check out the I'm Watch back at CES, and since that time the smartwatch has had a hard time meeting its shipping dates. However, it looks like the wait is finally over as manufacturer I'm SpA has announced that the Android-powered watch will be shipping worldwide this week. And in addition to the customers who should be getting their smartwatches soon, the company also says distributors will receive theirs in the coming weeks.

After a previous delay back in May, I'm SpA said that additional features were being added to the device — including the ability to "handle a larger number of apps than initially expected" — so there's at least some silver lining to the long wait period. Then again, with such a long delay, there are likely some customers that decided to move on to other smartwatches instead.