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Nexus 7 Ninja Unboxing video arrives in life-sized form with UFC champion Georges St-Pierre

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Google's Ninja Unboxing video for the Nexus 7 features UFC Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre as Nexus fan Dr. Paul.

nexus 7 ninja unboxing
nexus 7 ninja unboxing

Google's Ninja Unboxing videos have been a Nexus tradition ever since the Nexus One was released in 2010, and the ninjas are back in life-sized form for the company's upcoming Jelly Bean tablet. The Patrick Boivin directed stop-action video features UFC Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre as Dr. Paul, an Android fan in the finest who can't wait to tear open his Nexus 7 and show off all the goodies within to the world on YouTube. Of course, the Android ninjas need to make an appearance at some point, and they do as soon as the Nexus 7 is revealed, crashing Dr. Paul's Tech Talk Corner in grand fashion. It's an unboxing fit for Google, and it wouldn't be complete without sprinklings of Android goodies around Dr. Paul's apartment like a jar of jelly beans and a shelf stocked with ninjas from prior Ninja Unboxing videos. Unfortunately, there aren't any details of when the 7-inch tablet will start shipping, but be sure to check our guide on how to pick up the Nexus tablet if you're interested.