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AT&T-exclusive red Galaxy S III available for pre-order July 15th, in stores July 29th

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AT&T has announced the pre-order and retail date of its exclusive Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S III.

AT&T Red Galaxy S III
AT&T Red Galaxy S III

Shortly after the launch of its blue and white Samsung Galaxy S III, AT&T has announced availability for the final color in its trifecta. The Garnet Red Galaxy S III, which is exclusive to AT&T, will be available for pre-order starting July 15th; it'll be available in stores July 29th. AT&T hasn't given any more details on the device, but it should come in the same 16GB and 32GB flavors as the others and sell for the same price, starting at $199.99. There's not anything different here except the color, but if you're willing to wait for that crimson case, at least it won't be for too long.

Update: To clarify, it's still not clear if AT&T will be offering a 32GB model, so for now it's likely to just be shipping in 16GB.