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FCC chairman Julius Genachowski slams Russia internet censorship as 'troubling and dangerous'

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FCC head Julius Genachowski criticized newly passed Russian internet censorship laws in a statement.

Julius Genachowski
Julius Genachowski

FCC head Julius Genachowski is none too pleased with the internet censorship law that was passed by Russia's parliament this week, and he isn't wasting any time in making his feelings known. In an official statement today, Genachowski slammed the legislation for taking Russian web access in "a troubling and dangerous direction." "The world’s experience with the Internet provides a clear lesson," the chairman said. "A free and open Internet promotes economic growth and freedom; restricting the free flow of information is bad for consumers, businesses, and societies." He goes on to say that the Duma's bill "could lead to restricting access to valuable Internet content and services and chilling innovation, economic opportunity, as well as free expression."

Genachowski is of course no stranger to the concept of net neutrality: under his leadership, the FCC passed hotly contested regulations on the matter in 2010. Some wireless providers are determined to have the new rules overturned, yet other critics feel the laws don't go nearly far enough in leveling the internet playing field. Regardless, it's nice to see Genachowski taking an immediate and unmistakable stance on this overreaching new policy — even if your average American is woefully ignorant on just how important the neutrality initiative is.