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Nexus 7 arrives: here's where you can buy it right now (update: Google Play orders now shipping)

Nexus 7 arrives: here's where you can buy it right now (update: Google Play orders now shipping)


Google's Nexus 7 tablet is now available from a variety of retailers. We've gathered all the places where you can order the Android 4.1 device right here.

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Google has made good on its promise for a mid-July release of the Nexus 7: the company is now shipping orders placed on Google Play and the Asus-manufactured device is starting to appear at authorized resellers. Customers who placed their pre-order with GameStop are being contacted to pick up their new Android 4.1 tablet. We first got our hands on the Nexus 7 at Adorama, though the NYC-based store began sales earlier than Google had anticipated. Both it and Ebuyer, the first UK outlet to officially launch the device, were told to halt sales. Lucky buyers who got in quickly have already received their Jelly Bean fix, but it's clear that the floodgates are now opening for the rest of the Android faithful.

Abt: A sales representative told us on Friday evening that they started the day with "about a hundred" and are currently down to nine available in-store. 16GB

Adorama: Briefly offered Nexus 7 Thursday 7/12 before Google requested that they temporarily halt sales. Now sold out online. 16GB

GameStop: We spoke to a friendly rep at GameStop's Union Square location who confirmed that the company is selling Nexus 7 to customers with early pre-orders as of July 13th. He told us that each GameStop location is only receiving enough stock to fill those initial pre-orders on the first wave, with a second wave of shipments expected in August "at the earliest." If you put in a pre-order, you may also receive an automated text alerting you to come in and pick up your new Android tablet.

Google Play: An automated message from Google Play phone support confirms that pre-orders are now shipping.

Ebuyer: Listing has now been switched back to pre-order. Availability expected 7/19. 16GB

Office Depot: Though the web listing appears to have been temporarily removed, we're seeing numerous reports that the Nexus 7 is now available at Office Depot retail locations.

Sam's Club: Currently sold out online, but you may have better luck at the store nearest you. 16GB

Staples: In-store sales of the 16GB Nexus 7 at Staples are scheduled to kick off July 20th.

Be sure to check back! We'll be updating this page as more retailers make the Nexus 7 available for purchase.