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O2 network outage over, reportedly affected one-third of customers

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Mobile carrier O2's UK outage is now over, but the problem may have affected up to a full third of its users before being resolved earlier today.


Mobile carrier O2 had a massive network outage hit its UK customers yesterday, and while the issue has now been resolved, details are coming to light about just how many were affected. An O2 spokesperson told The Inquirer that up to a full third of its users at any given time were dealing with the problem, with data, voice, and texting services all affected. A computer system error, which made it impossible for users' phones to register on O2's network, was reportedly to blame.

The company announced on Twitter at 1:39PM local time that the issue had finally been resolved, but the carrier is no doubt very aware of the long-term ramifications of such an outage. O2 CEO Ronan Dunne took to Twitter himself earlier today to apologize, stating that "My focus now is restoring your confidence and trust in O2."