Sometimes, one image can change everything. Usually, a combination of timing and world events collide with a great photographer, an auteur of the single still image, shifting the way that we collectively view the world. For me, that change came somewhere around... oh, September of 2008. The photograph depicted Metallica frontman James Hetfield standing outside of what appeared to be an outlet mall, in plaid shorts and flip flops, holding an Armani shopping bag. He was accompanied by the bass player of Metallica (third: not Cliff, not Newsted) whose name, I have found, is Robert Trujillo, and two women.

The first time I saw this image, however, it had already been molested and modified, in the way that the internet gloriously does sometimes. A caption to the right of the main part of the photo, (sing to yourself, to the tune of "One") reads:

"Bargains / Imprisoning me / All that I see / Absolute savings / What a great deal / What a great find / Look at these jeans / Damn I look sexy as helllllllll."