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NBC launches Olympics mobile apps, includes live-streaming with one-time authentication

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The official NBC Olympics apps are now available, letting you live stream coverage from an Android or iOS device.

london olympics_1020
london olympics_1020

NBC announced that mobile was going to be a part of its London Olympics coverage back in May, and today the network has released a pair of apps for iPhone, iPad, and "select" Android devices. The "Live Extra" app will let you live stream the full 3,500 hours of Olympic content from your mobile device, as well as watch replays — though you'll need to be a subscriber to a cable or satellite package that includes both CNBC and MSNBC. Adobe, who worked with NBC to build the apps, says that you'll only need to go through the sign-in process once to prove you're a subscriber, without the need for re-authentication.

Adobe's Ashley Still told GigaOM that each device will also get a one-time use pass that provides an hour's worth of viewing time without the need to sign in at all. Aside from the live streaming app, there's also a companion NBC Olympics app, which provides news, statistics, schedules, and other supplementary content. And, unsurprisingly given NBC's focus social media for the games, it will also let you share content across Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can grab both apps now from NBC's Olympics site.