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Motorola confirms the Atrix HD will not support Lapdock accessory or WebTop environment

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Motorola's new Atrix HD will not support the Lapdock accessories or the WebTop environment that past Atrix models have featured as a major selling point.

Atrix Lapdock
Atrix Lapdock

One of the hallmark features of Motorola's Atrix line of smartphones was compatibility with the Lapdock, a laptop shell that users could plug their phones into and run WebTop, a mode in which you could browse the web and your phone's context in a facsimile of a "full PC experience." While the Lapdock always seemed a bit overpriced, and the functionality a little half-baked, it's still surprising to learn that Motorola has done away with these features in the new Atrix HD. We had our suspicions this would be the case when Motorola's Atrix HD press release failed to mention these features, and now it appears to be confirmed.

In a message to PhoneScoop, the company indicated that it left out these features due to the fact they were targeting the device at a more price-conscious consumer. Furthermore, PhoneScoop hinted that it was left out to hit a price point that AT&T requested — but without a direct quote indicating as such, we can't say for sure. It's entirely possible that AT&T and Motorola jointly worked together to hit this price point to put a strong foot forward against AT&T's other budget offerings. Still, we do know that Motorola "focused on the features that will deliver the greatest value for this device's target audience." Given the expense of Motorola's Lapdock shells and the fact that the experience was not terribly solid, we're guessing most consumers won't mind the omission.