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Aereo planning rollout to 'most' major US markets by 2013

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Aereo backer Barry Diller recently told Bloomberg that the company is preparing to roll its service out to most major US markets by 2013.

Aereo Logo
Aereo Logo

Yesterday a New York federal judge refused to grant a preliminary injunction that would have shut down streaming television service Aereo due to a copyright infringement suit, and the company now appears to be readying to grow its customer base. One of Aereo's backers, Barry Diller, told Bloomberg TV that the company plans to expand across the United States, and anticipates offering its service in most major US markets by the end of 2013 (it currently is available only in New York City). "We're going to really start marketing," Diller told the publication, while also taking the opportunity to reiterate that "The ability for consumers to receive broadcast over-the-air signal is their right" — one of the core elements of Aereo's defense against the infringement allegations it faces.